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About Us

This platform is created to encourage the blockchain development in Pakistan. Knowing its worth, we feel it’s our responsibility to support this technology to make our country a well-developed nation in the world. Blockchain development has brought such a revolution in the world through its amazing structure and security factor in economic operations. That is why we are playing our part so that it can imply in Pakistan and we can become a corruption-free nation.

Our forum will provide you with every information and guide to get a better knowledge of blockchain development in Pakistan. We brought a complete structure through we can approach in the right direction to peruse this technology in the future development of our economy. Blockchain development is a significant need for countries like Pakistan to get rid of this corruption and frauds.

We organize various events that can be very helpful for the development of blockchain development in Pakistan. This forum also manifests the efforts by every Individual and organization in blockchain technology. The goal is to bring up every contribution to the blockchain development to make Pakistan a stable and corruption-free country.